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Automatic Calculation of GST

With built in tax slabs, you only need to select the right gst rate for your products or services and Sleek Bill will do all the detailed calculations of SGST, CGST or IGST.

Invoice option to print download, Excel

FreeTax Invoicing / Billing GST, BillNo, Date, Customer Name, Item Details, Qty, Rate, Amount (Auto Calculation Formula), Service Tax, Grand Total and Of course Do Save to download for Excel Sheet and Print.

Designed to work on all PCs

This invoice software is designed to work perfectly with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10, so that you or your company can start invoicing quickly and efficiently without any compatibility concerns.


GST Tax Invoice & Bill of Supply

Make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote & others. With accurate templates and professional design, they are optimized & compliant with Indian law.

Item Stock Reports and sales Report

Item Stock report and Sales Item report shows all sales of untracked inventory items. The report also shows other sales for goods and services that aren't on your inventory list.

Backup / Restore Your Data

All your data is safely stored and secured on your PC. The backup and restore feature helps to protect your invoicing database form unfortunate events or to transfer it from one PC to another.